Into the Black Box

La fabbrica digitale. Platform economy e digital labour tra dissoluzione del salario istituzione e nuove convenzioni digitali

886 1241 Into the Black Box

Segnaliamo che dal 30 gennaio al 1 febbraio si svolgerà il IV° convegno della Società italiana di sociologia economica “La riscoperta del valore. Politeismo e ibridazione”. Durante il convegno ci sarà anche una sessione dal titolo “La fabbrica digitale. Platform economy e digital labour tra dissoluzione del salario istituzione e…

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Finance, extraction and logistics as axes of the third neoliberal moment in Latin America

640 426 Alessandro Peregalli

With the notion of ‘operations of capital’, focused on the interaction between the dimensions of finance, extraction and logistics, authors such as Mezzadra and Neilson have highlighted some ‘underlying transformations of capitalism’ that go well beyond a generic idea of neoliberalism as ‘the hegemonic circulation of economic doctrines or processes…

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Capitalismo delle infrastrutture, infrastrutture dell’esperienza: antropocene, lavoro, città

1200 1697 Into the Black Box

Segnaliamo un ciclo di seminario sul capitalismo delle infrastrutture che si terrà a partire dal mese di gennaio presso l’Università di Bologna. Il ciclo di incontri indaga il rapporto tra produzione di valore e forme della riproduzione sociale, per come esso si configura nell’intreccio di tre ambiti tematici, lavoro, città,…

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Tangling a bi-oceanic corridor

4272 2848 Alberto Valz Gris

In this short essay I want to accept this invitation and initiate a reflection from an excentric site, ‘following things’ across multiple sites (Cook, 2004) along the Chilean-Argentinian section of a bi-oceanic corridor hosting the first stretch of a li-ion supply chain. Li-ion batteries are an indicative, globally diffused product…

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A Logistical Insight on Hong Kong Mobilizations. Interview with Laikwan Pang

4096 2304 Maurilio Pirone

First, I would like to ask you to sum up which are the main points of friction between the Hongkongers and the government of the Chief Executive Carrie Lam? There are many levels and the most prominent is the police violence. A lot of protesters had physical experience of police…

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What is going to happen here. A documentary on Lisbon housing crisis by Left Hand Rotation Collective

646 900 Left Hand Rotation

A documentary movie about the social movement advocating the right to live in the city of Lisbon, at a time when the various fights for the urban space have increased – the result of the expansion of finance capitalism that concentrates wealth in the hands of a few people, and…

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