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Riot Logistics

600 400 Nick Dyer-Witheford, Jaime Brenes Reyes and Michelle Liu

The recent uprisings in USA after the death of George Floyd lead us to move up the publication of this article by Nick Dyer-Witheford, Jaime Brenes Reyes and Michelle Liu that will be part of a forthcoming book on Capital Revolutions we are editing as Into the Black Box. We thank…

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Struggle in a Pandemic. Una raccolta di contributi del Workers Inquiry Network

750 1200 Into the Black Box

Pubblichiamo oggi l’ebook “Struggle in a Pandemic”, prodotto da una rete transnazionale in costruzione chiamata Workers Inquiry Network. Lo scorso anno, assieme a una serie di realtà di ricerca e intervento sociale, abbiamo iniziato a tessere uno scambio di riflessioni e testi a partire da esperienze di inchiesta nel mondo…

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Come il capitalismo “Just-in-Time” ha diffuso il COVID-19

1920 1080 Kim Moody

Il capitalismo ha accelerato la trasmissione delle malattie. Storicamente, la maggior parte delle epidemie si è diffusa geograficamente attraverso due forme comuni di movimento umano a lunga distanza: il commercio e la guerra. I tempi, tuttavia, sono cambiati drasticamente con l’ascesa del capitalismo. Nel Medioevo ci volle una decina di…

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Explosion of Authoritarianism and Labor Struggles in Italy’s ‘War on Corona’

1100 550 Silent Works

In Italy’s ‘war on corona’ authoritarianism as well as labor struggles are exploding. The latter brings to the fore the question of what and who is of systemic relevance, and hence “esstential” for overcoming the crisis and rebuilding the world afterward. Magdalena Taube and Krystian Woznicki discuss this key issue…

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“Just-in-time” politics: How invisibilized work is made visible during the “corona crisis”

1000 1000 Silent Works

In the corona crisis the invisibilized work of people who provide basic services is becoming more visible. Could this be an unexpected opportunity for labor organizing? Urban researcher Katja Schwaller is exploring this question, focusing in particular on those areas of society where Big Tech is taking over. An interview…

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Racialized Masculinities and Global Logistics Labor

640 456 Jake Alimahomed-Wilson

The global capitalist supply chain is controlled by white hegemonic masculinity.[1] Affluent, corporate-elite, straight white men are structurally positioned as the managers and overseers of a vast global logistics labor force comprised primarily of working-class men of color. Throughout the logistics-driven global economy, logistics workers remain highly segregated by both…

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