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[CfP] Criticizing disruption. Platformization and its discontent

3008 2000 Into the Black Box

More often than not, the disruptive character of Platform Capitalism is highlighted as a new paradigm of contemporary global capitalism. Urban spaces (considered in a broad sense) are pervaded by platform workers. We do think that, although inserted by new organization forms and labor control, platformization is anything but new…

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[ENG] Officina Primo Maggio – Manifesto

1473 213 Officina Primo Maggio

We publish the Manifesto of Officina Primo Maggio, a “partisan political-cultural project, consciously aimed at exploring the conditions that make conflict practicable, understood as the ability of those directly involved in the production processes” that will take the form of a magazine, inspired by the historical Primo Maggio. Everything was…

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Struggle in a Pandemic. Una raccolta di contributi del Workers Inquiry Network

750 1200 Into the Black Box

Pubblichiamo oggi l’ebook “Struggle in a Pandemic”, prodotto da una rete transnazionale in costruzione chiamata Workers Inquiry Network. Lo scorso anno, assieme a una serie di realtà di ricerca e intervento sociale, abbiamo iniziato a tessere uno scambio di riflessioni e testi a partire da esperienze di inchiesta nel mondo…

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Investigating the Frontiers of Capitalism. An Introduction to Into the Black Box Collective Research

600 400 Into the Black Box

Here we publish an introduction to the collective research of Into the Black Box we presented at last Historical Materialism Conference. In fact, the 7th of November we participated to a panel on workers’ inquiry with Notes From Below, Viewpoint Mag and Plateforme d’Enquêtes Militantes. The goal of this meeting was…

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Experiencing the City. Spring School on Critical Theories and Visual Methods

1200 400 Into the Black Box

The city is more and more one of the main concepts of contemporary critical theory. Nevertheless, the very possibility to define what a city is remains at stake of contemporary theoretical, empirical and even political debates. The “academic babel” of contemporary urban studies is marked by a proliferation of approaches,…

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A Dissonant Italian Symphony. Struggles and Grassroots Organizing in an Extended European Choke-point

558 385 Carlotta Benvegnù and Niccolò Cuppini

The nature of capital presupposes that it travels through the different phases of circulation not as it does in the mind, where one concept turns into the next at the speed of thought, in no time, but rather as situations which are separate in time. It must spend some time…

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