Into the Black Box

Experiencing the City. Spring School on Critical Theories and Visual Methods

1200 400 Into the Black Box

The city is more and more one of the main concepts of contemporary critical theory. Nevertheless, the very possibility to define what a city is remains at stake of contemporary theoretical, empirical and even political debates. The “academic babel” of contemporary urban studies is marked by a proliferation of approaches,…

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The algorithm and the city. Call for Contributions

640 427 Into the Black Box

Call for contributions to a Special issue of Work Organisation, Labour and Globalisation The theme The use of online platforms to organise the supply of services has major implications for the way that the labour involved in creating and delivering these services is managed. Recent research has shown an exponential…

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Working-Class Masculinities in the Logistics Industry

640 426 Haude Rivoal

Far from working-class stereotypes of manhood, some logistics workers develop a “respectable” popular style of masculinity. But the intensification of the labor process makes this a difficult feature to maintain and often captured them in these stereotypes. This article has been written up using the results of my PhD, which…

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Elements of Logistics: Along the Line of Copper

500 377 Giorgio Grappi and Brett Neilson

Examining the conduits of production and circulation that link the extraction of copper in Chile to its storage and use in China, this article explores the political dimensions of the logistical technique sand technologies that enable these processes. We approach copper as a material element that due to its capacity…

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Keep on Moving. L’evoluzione delle piattaforme di food delivery e le sfide del sindacalismo metropolitano dei rider

3008 2000 Maurilio Pirone

Lo sviluppo, la regolamentazione e i conflitti sorti attorno alle cosiddette piattaforme costituiscono indubbiamente uno dei punti di vista privilegiati su una serie di trasformazioni in corso nel mondo del lavoro e – più in generale – sulle piste battute dal capitalismo contemporaneo. Tra le diverse tipologie di piattaforme, quelle…

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Platform Urbanism. Seminario con Scott Rodgers

1588 2246 Into the Black Box

Mercoledì 9 ottobre 2019, ore 16:00 Sala Riunioni del Dipartimento delle Arti (II° piano) piazzetta Morandi 2, Bologna Il progetto Horizon2020 PLUS (Platform Labour in Urban Spaces) organizza un seminario sul platform urbanism con il prof. Scott Rodgers della Università di Londra Birkbeck e la collaborazione di Into the Black…

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