WOLG special issue by IBB is OUT NOW!

WOLG special issue by IBB is OUT NOW!

WOLG special issue by IBB is OUT NOW!

760 562 Into the Black Box

We are pleased to announce that is now available Logistical Gazes: spaces, labour and struggles in global capitalism, a Work Organisation, Labour and Globalisation Special Issue edited by Into the Black Box.

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Below you find the table of contents and here our introduction:

Introduction to a Special Issue of Work Organisation, Labour and Globalisation


Section 1: The Logistics Production of Space

Data Centres as Logistical Facilities: Singapore and the Emergence of Production Topologies

Brett Neilson and Tanya Notley

The production of logistics places in France and Germany: a comparison between Paris, Frankfurt-am-Main and Kassel

Clément Barbier, Cécile Cuny and Nicolas Raimbault

Finance, extraction and logistics as axes of the third neoliberal moment in Latin America

Alessandro Peregalli

Logistical Tools for Refugees and Undocumented Migrants: Smartphones and Social Media in the City of Fès

Filippo Bignami and Moha Ennaji

Section 2: Logistics and Labour

Labour and the Contradictory Logic of Logistics

Kim Moody

Unfree Shipping: The Racialization of Logistics Labor

Jake Alimahomed-Wilson

On the Last Mile: Logistical Urbanism and the Transformation of Labour

Moritz Altenried

Section 3: Struggles and Counter-Logistics

Towards the mapping of port labour systems and conflicts across Europe: a literature review

Andrea Bottalico

Focusing on the Ambivalence of Logistical Connectivity. A Co-research with Foodora Riders

Daniela Leonardi, Marco Briziarelli, Emiliana Armano and Annalisa Murgia

The Georgian Logistics Revolution: Questioning Seamlessness Across the New Silk Road

Evelina Gambino

Reasons for and against strike participation in Amazon’s German distribution centres

Sabrina Apicella and Helmut Hildebrandt